Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas snow...

What do you do with 14 inches of snow?

You build an igloo...

On Christmas day it began to snow - and snow - and snow -  and within 24 hours we had 14 inches!

I have never liked cold weather which I considered any temperature under 50 degress - let alone a pile of snow!

That day a friend posted on Facebook from Job 38:22 where God says that "snow is from His treasury".  Those words spoke tenderly to my heart.

Hmmm - if God describes it that way, then I really should reconsider my attitude. So, I repented which means I changed my way of thinking (I'm sure I go through this each winter) and bundled up to enjoy some time outside with my son! 

Choosing in each moment to make a change,

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tea said...

Love your igloo!! And I can really identify with your thoughts. This winter I have really felt it impressed upon me to enjoy the season and weather, and not to allow myself to fall into complaining. I think it's all a part of God wanting to really teach me true contentment. I like it.

Love hearing from you!! ♥