Saturday, June 13, 2009


Since my husband was playing in a golf tournament, I volunteered to spend the morning fishing with my son at a local lake. How hard could it be, anyway? Don't you just sit in a chair and wait for the thing to bob? I brought my chair, a good book, and an umbrella in case the sun was too hot. We spent an hour checking out several locations until he chose a very peaceful spot with a wide opening in the reeds. He cast in both lines in and I settled in with my book.

What an enjoybable time at the lake. He caught 5 rainbow striped fish and said that his favorite part of fishing is in the struggle. He has to hold tight while he reels them in, smiles at his catch, loosens the hook, and throws them back in the water.

Sometimes life is like that. We must hold on tight while it appears we are being reeled in by the enemy BUT God in His mercy & grace smiles on us, loosens the hook, and throws us back in the water for yet another swim.

These light afflictions are but for a moment...

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Deb said...


Hi! I don't like to fish, but I do love the beach. And God. My darling husband. Family. A good hair stylist. And writing.

Speaking of writing, I'm a newbie. Do you have an openings in your writer's group/blog? If not now, maybe later?