Sunday, April 19, 2009

A windy day..

Today was a sunny, yet cool & very windy day! Still it wasn't going to keep the boys away from the park. As they played basketball, I sat in the car where it was warm & cozy - reading, writing, and thinking. Too bad, I thought, that it's not warmer outside...then it would be a perfect day!

A moment later I glanced over my shoulder and saw a little girl with her dad. They were looking up and as I followed their gaze into the sky, I saw a lady bug kite flying high and gracefully gliding in the wind.

Guess it really is a perfect day...especially if you're a kite in the hands of a young girl!

Psalm 135:7 He brings out the wind from his treasuries.

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Lois said...

That's right! It all depends on your perspective, doesn't it?! There are blessings in everything if we choose to see them...

Choose your blessings today!