Sunday, September 14, 2008

The cricket that went to church...

Last week was one of those weeks on the calendar that stayed empty forever and then when I wasn't looking, it filled up to overflowing! On Wednesday night we visited our friends church in VA Beach because they had guest ministers in. It was an hour away, I had to dress up, eat dinner quickly and then sit in traffic. I just didn't want to go and I pouted the whole way there! Even my husband's consolation of a yummy coffee couldn't get me to change my mind. I was determined to stay grumpy!

We arrived in plenty of time to get a good seat, visit with friends and get settled in! The praise and worship was energetic, alive & full of joy! As my heart was beginning to melt, I heard the sound of an unexpected guest. It was a cricket and he was doing what he was does best...chirping! He seemed to have his own little amen corner. He was relentless and never stopped chirping the whole service. As I sat there, I smiled as I heard him chirp. He was reminding me that I, too, should be doing what I do best and that is to praise the Lord! I settled in to enjoy the message.

God, thank you for the little cricket that reminds me how beautiful it is to Praise the Lord!

Psalm 97 Let the earth rejoice and the people be glad. Our God reigns!


Angel said...

Margie - This is great. Again it is like a devotional. People love to start their days with this kind of day to day wisdom.


Greg said...

I will look at the trees swaying in the wind and listen to the early morning songs of the robins different now.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about the mouse that roared!