Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Cuban cup of coffee..

This is a dream that I had one week prior to a team of 7 going on a mission trip to Cuba...

I entered a lively restaurant through the back door. The dimly lit room was filled with people laughing and eating and enjoying themselves. I walked up to a soda fountain and filled my cup with a drink. I realized that I was standing in front of a variety of coffee from around the world. Above my selection was the word 'Cuba'. The lady helping me smiled as if to agree with my choice.

As I turned to leave, I headed toward the front of the restaurant. I needed to go up 3 stairs. There were children in white shirts playing on them and I said, "Behind you, I have hot coffee!" They moved over and I went up the stairs into a large bright room. It was empty except for a large rug on the floor. As I stepped on the rug, a wall came down from the ceiling. Coffee in one hand and a purse in the other, I moved quickly to get in front of the wall. I was trying to not spill my coffee, but it was full and as I moved forward, some spilled on the rug.

The hostess at the front door scowled because she had to come clean it up; however, as she was cleaning the rug, she began to smile as she looked up at me. I turned to look back at this wall that had scooted me out of the way and it had become an elevator.

Here are brief interpretations..
back door: neighborly, familiar (The Spanish pastor at Bethel is leading this group and he is from Cuba)
the children & behind you: to speak to the next generation that God has a future for them!
the spill: In the spilling over of the Spirit of God in them (the group), the people will be changed. Do not hold back! Let the rivers of living water flow from you!
elevator: They are preparing a way for others and that access will be quicker.

My dream...their story...for His glory!

Take a nap and dream for Him!

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