Monday, May 2, 2011

Out with the old...

Around the corner from my house, a new city block is being built.

The old buildings have been torn down, the piles of rubbish removed, the land has been excavated, and the BIG pipes have been brought in.

Every day - twice a day - coming and going - I sit at that intersection - watching. Some days it's quite obvious that it's just a mess - interrupting traffic and causing delays just to turn the corner! In this daily routine, I do NOT see progress.

Yet, someone has a vision for this block. Somewhere there are plans & blueprints to follow. The building has begun - am curious to see it's end, although I am experiencing the mess in the middle.

In my life...

What needs to be torn down, removed, and cleaned up?  What needs to be built with a new purpose? What are my plans and blueprints?

Reflecting on these intersecting moments,

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