Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

We went strawberry picking today and found all of the BIG juicy ones.  It brought back memories of my 13 & 14 yr old summers picking strawberries and making $1.25 a flat - that's for 12 small boxes! I would pick 8 - 10 flats a day for 4 weeks. I would work for 8 hours plus it was an hour bus ride each way.  My mom packed my lunch & I got one can of soda.  In those days, we didn't wash our hands, wash our fruit, wear sunscreen or have bottled water!  I think we drank water out of a hose in the fields. Ahhh, but they are fond memories & I smile every time I think of those summers.

Making new memories of the good ole times...

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tea said...

Sounds great! (The job and the berries.) I love that picture too - so fun! :)