Saturday, January 16, 2010

Michael Vick...

We love football at our house!   Over the years I have rooted for many teams but NEVER for the Atlanta Falcons. A few years ago their star quarterback, Michael Vick, got into a mess, lost his starting position, and went to prison.  Since I wasn't a Falcon fan, I didn't think much of it, until God placed it upon my heart to pray for this young man.

As his career was taking off, his life turned into a mess.  Investigations, accusations, finger pointing, guilty, a prison sentence.

For whatever reason this Christian mom was led by God to pray for him many times over the next few years.  I focused on three things:

1.  That God would capture his heart & life.
2.  That God would turn his mess into a message of 2nd chances.
3.  That God would give him another chance to play football for Him.

He began to turn his life around, got out of prison, and this past football season he played for the Philadelphia Eagles.

This morning my 13yr old son, Joshua, had a school basketball game.  One of the other team players is a cousin of Michael Vick...and guess who showed up at the Jr High boys game?  Guess who went into the locker room with the boys afer the game.? Guess who had their picture taken with the team?

Michael Vick.  He was kind and gracious to the these 12 & 13yr old boys.

Joshua, the sports fan that he is, was thrilled and excited. 

As for me, I was encouraged to keep on praying for people.  Sometimes while I'm waiting in line at Walmart, I pray for the people in line and other times I pray for the people on the magazine covers. A small part to play in the grand story called life.

God hears.  God saves.  God delivers.  God changes peoples hearts & lives.

Every once in awhile I get a glimpse of His plan...

Praying without ceasing,


Lois said...

Your post is an awesome reminder of the power of prayer - and the power of each moment when God puts a thought or impression on our mind to pray for someone. Our job is obedience! God does the rest - and sometimes shows us the results of our obedience so we'll obey him more often! Don't just love Him?!

Deb said...


You are the best! What a beautiful thing to do.

Know what? I think that your prayers for this man can be compared to the woman who crying, anointed Jesus' feet with oil.

You prayed specifically. And consistently.

And I won't be surprised at all when I hear that this man has given his heart to Christ.

I want to follow your example.

Sweet dreams.

p.s. love your new look

Anonymous said...

My family saw him there also and we are excitted.God is a GOD of second chances.GOD just keeps on amazing me..he is wonderful...Thanks for sharing..

tea said...

This is wonderful! I can't wait to see what God does in his life! God has drawn my heart to praying for celebrities too. I think so many times it is forgotten that they are real people and they need what we all need, the love of God. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome story! :)

Angel said...

God is in the business of redemption. Your story should encourage others to pray for people that are in the spotlight and in need of that redemption.

Thanks for this post Margie!

Coffee With Marty said...

What an awesome testament to the power of prayer. I enjoyed reading your post, and I definitely encourage all of us to continue to pray for the people in our lives.

Keep writing!