Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Warriors...

My son turned 13 in March and lately I can tell that he's a teenager!

I've asked the Lord for wisdom in how to stay connected with him as a teen. I am thankful that the Lord gives creative ideas on how to do that.

The Warriors are ready...that's MY very own fantasy football team! Josh has his teams and dad & I each have our own. The beauty is that I already know how the game is played & although I don't watch football alot, I do catch the highlights on Monday morning. I wanted to name my team the Dancing Warriors BUT Josh thought maybe NOT this year!

He's excited that we're all playing and we are looking forward to a GREAT season!

But it's much more than a's an assignment. As we play, we pray. I am excited to see what He will teach me through this activity.

Advancing the Kingdom in everything we do!


Deb said...

Your son is thirteen! That's definately a milestone.

I know that God will give you wisdom that will grow as your son grows.

And you have your own football team. I'm so impressed. Go Warriors!

By the way, how's your art coming along. Let me know. Ok?

Sweet dreams.

Deb said...

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I have visited Sarah Dawn's blog.I fell in love over there.And in case I haven't told you recently, you are one of the most generous, giving, and kindhearted people that I know.I'm so glad that God has allowed us to get to know each other.Sweet dreams.

Angel said...

Neat idea Margie.

I often pray for ways to stay connected to each of my kids and it is wonderful that the Lord provides unique ideas for all three. I'm now involved in the flag football season with Alexander so yeah football of any kind.