Monday, August 10, 2009

Turning the corner...

It's August now & that means we're halfway through the year. As we round this corner, are we ready to shift, make transitions so that we finish strong?

Time to reflect on where I am & where I'm headed. It's easy when you're a kid because like my son his answer is "I'm headed to the 8th grade". But, where am I headed?

I met an awesome young lady who is an artist, a teacher, and a mentor. I've been praying for a mentor AND I've been looking for someone to help me take a first step in expressing myself in art.

My father died when I was 12 years old & in the 7th grade. I'd always had As & Bs until the 2nd semester of that year. For the first time, I got a C or D...can't really remember which..but it was in my art class. As I stared at the bowl of fruit in the middle of the art table, I can still remember thinking, "That's OK, I'm just a book learner not a creative person". I believed that for almost 40 years. Although I really never gave it much thought over the years, it kinda annoys me now that I bought it for so long. Father, redeem what the locust has eaten!

The year that I turned 50, I began to cry out for more of Him and creative trickles came from deep within me. For the first time, I realized that "not a creative person" was a lie. Let that sink was a lie! I had believed a lie for all those years! I repented for believing it & asked Him for help in releasing whatever He has put inside me.

He is the author of creativity. He is Creator! He has put gifts & talents in each one of us. That creativity that is released shows up in the form of a word, a smile, a deed, a look, a touch. It's Him being released through this earthen vessel called you and me.

My blog has been a big part in allowing me to release writing. Several other blogs that I follow are mentors to me in their unique way.

Funny thing is....I thought my next mentor (the one that I prayed for) would be a business woman in her 50s not a young black woman in her 20s and an artist at that!

God has sense of humor!


Anonymous said...

Good expression!

Cherishing Young Biblical Womanhood said...

Hi Margie, how are you? Wow your son is going to 8th grade! I totally think I am "non creative" I don't even think I can draw stick people! I love when people pursue their talents for the glory of God! It is such a wonderful ministry to people, God Bless you in your pursuits.

Angel said...

Okay - I didn't realize I could get to the blog post from facebook. Silly Me.
Tonight was a confirmation to this post heh?
And I must say your blog is looking fabulous.

Deb said...

First of all, I love your new blog look. It's fabulous!

Second, this post. I love it. August is a perfect month to look at where are and where we're going.

And what we're dreaming about.

Like your art. Go for it! He wants you to. He gave you that desire. The creativity.

Take that first step. He's right there with you.

You're such an encouragement to me. Have I thanked you lately?

Thank you.

And sweet dreams, my friend.

Dreamgirl said...

This was a great post Margie!
It's strange how WORDS that are spoken can be lifechanging - positively or negatively...

I'm so glad that you are recapturing that which was stolen from you and enjoying the gifts that God has given you!

Have a wonderful weekend!