Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friends forever...

Ding dong! I opened the door and looked into the face of a handsome Japanese young man. Although I hadn't seen him for 5 years, I would recognize him anywhere. As I squealed in delight, he motioned back to his mom to get out of the car.

Several years ago they were our neighbors while our boys were ages 4,5,6,7. Their dad was training at the local Canon facility. We had many good times together as the boys played unaware of their cultural differences & language barriers. They went back & forth into each others homes as though they lived there. Then, they moved back to Japan. We kept in touch by SLOW mail....weeks for the Christmas cards to arrive! Then, as it happens, we stopped writing and lost contact.

They have since moved back to Long Island,NY for more training at Canon. They had come down to the VA area for a visit and stopped by the neighborhood! I felt as though I had been given a second chance to stay in touch with a beautiful family.

I love second chances!


Deb said...

Like you, I'm so thankful for second chances. My life wouldn't be as rich and blessed without them.

Glad you had the opportunity to re-unite with old friends.

Thanks for being such a wonderful encourager.

Margie said...
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Margie said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Margie and Joshua!

We saw your blog that you posted our pictures.It was so nice!Next time we meet, we want to spend a night with you.
We were very happy to meet you again, and have a Great Summer!

Koei and Reo