Saturday, April 25, 2009


Baseball season has started and now that Josh has moved up to the 13yr old Junior league, we have to drive an additional mile through the park to get to his field.

As we turned the corner, I was delighted at the marvelous display of nature that we saw. The azaleas have bloomed and they are everywhere along the road and throughout the woods. They are red and pink and FULL of color! These shrubs bloom for only 2-4 weeks every spring. It's a magnififcent display of His creation.

Today as I opened the blinds in the bathroom, I saw them. There are nine azalea bushes in my neighbors yard. I will look at them everyday and enjoy them!

Have you seen your azaleas this year?

Song of Songs 2:12 The flowers appear on the earth for the season of singing has come.

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Angel said...

Alexander and I have been stopping each morning before we go into the elementary school and smelling the roses. I loved this post.