Monday, November 10, 2008

It's time to watch...

Last Saturday at a local flea market a woman, a stranger, gave me a watch as a gift. As I took the watch I sensed the Lord was saying, "It's time to watch". Later as I glanced at her business card, I noticed that she sells corporate jets. As soon as I saw the word jet, I heard the word SOAR.

The next day at Walmart while I was patiently waiting in the photo department, a man stopped right in front of me and asked, "Do you know the date?" I answered and he smiled and walked off. The next morning at work, my manager came up to my desk...there were plenty of other desks that she could've stopped at....and asked, "Do you know what time it is exactly?".

I love it when God drops these moments in my lap, but I don't always know the meaning of them. All of this happened the first weekend of November which is the eleventh month and that number means a transition, a paradigm shift. It was the same weekend that Daylight Savings Time ended.

I believe the Lord is saying that it is time to be watchful, to be on the lookout, to keep in view as if to keep from harm. If we've been sleeping in some areas, then it's time to wake up and be alert! It is time for us to turn our back on the status quo and go deeper and higher with Him. When that happens, we will fly at a height as if we have wings and see from a new perspective!

It is TIME to WATCH ME cause you to SOAR into your future!

Isaiah 40:31 Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength and shall mount up with wings as eagles. They will run & not be weary; they shall walk & not faint.


Anonymous said...


This so ministered to me.
God has been leading me to seek his face and his will as never before.
Like you said to watch and soar.
God is so awesome..

Love it..Karen

Angel said...

Yeah - Margie. Your posts are so encouraging and thought provoking.

Lois said...

I just read your blog posts & thoroughly enjoyed them! You also have a great writing style, and your joie-de-vivre comes through loud & clear! (I can picture you twirling and dancing before the Lord!)

Keep on writing for eternity, Margie!

P.S. I know the woman who gave you the watch! She's one of my close friends. Small world, isn't it?!