Sunday, October 26, 2008

What are these moments?

As humans we live in this place called time while we are waiting to enter our real home in a place called eternity. Time is a sliver, a small slice, of many moments brought together. Any one of these moments can be enlightening, energizing and captivating for us or they can be viewed & valued as nothing. Any one of these moments has the power within it to propel you into your destiny which is beyond what you have known and cause you to begin to walk in the power and presence of our King.

I choose to look at these moments and find life lessons of faith in them. Hence, this is the purpose of my blog.

This fall we have moved into the Hebraic year 5769 and ended the year 5768. Remember, "8's" are always linked with a new beginning, and "9's" are linked with bringing to birth what has been conceived.

This is an excerpt from a word given at Glory of Zion..see side bar for their website...

"Ask Me for the road signs to be made plain to you for the season ahead. Ask Me for the captives that were held from walking with Me in the past season. Ask Me to unlock all that was captured and held from your past season that needs to come into your path this season.

Ask Me to let you see your highway and the rest stops on your highway ahead. Ask Me to let you see the signs that point you off of the highway to a place to gather supply from storehouses that I have for you.

There are new, creative ideas that I am going to give you and new places that I have already prepared to unlock. Ask Me for the marketplaces that I am going to cause to blossom. Ask Me now. Don't talk so much about what has been lost but ask Me for the marketplaces that will be unlocked."

I pray that you are seeing your moments in time in a new light these days. You are about to give birth, to bring forth into this place called time, your creativity in dreams, talents and an increased passion for him.

For you are the true royalty of the earth - His children - in this place called time.

I Peter 2:9 You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, His own special people that you may proclaim the praises and the excellence of our God. I


Anonymous said...

That was dynamite! Thank you for sending it to me.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful! How are you? I am moving into more opportunities with the ministry - so I will claim this as a special word for me. The Rachel's Vineyard Retreat in Richmond is November 14-16. I will be on the team so if you would like to go, I would be happy to be at your side:)

Thank you for sending these precious thoughts to me.


Anonymous said...

That was an encouraging word. Thanks.


Lisa said...

Margie I love this. You encouraged me at the Writer's Group with the mention of the year of birth. Somehow it has more impact in print! Hmmm?
Luv ya!